Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ethiopian woman’s head button or Hawaiian Queen Lydia L.?

Ethiopian woman’s head button (this is according to the Big Book of Buttons) but I've also heard her called Hawaiian Queen, Lydia Liliuokalani
 Molded black glass, set with 2 brilliants and cemented to a flat, milk glass background the button is large size, antique and has a metal rosette shank
 I have found NEW information in the May 1997 issue of the National Button Society Bulletin the above image is called "The Blackamoor" and can be used as a fable button
“The button familiar to us as “The Blackamoor” can now be used with fable buttons. The fable is The AEthiop, page 91 in the AEsop Fable Collection. It goes as follows:
The purchaser of a black servant was persuaded that the color of his skin arose from dirt contacted through the neglect of his former masters. On bringing him home, he resorted to every means of cleaning, and subjected the man to incessant scrubbings. The servant caught a severe cold, but he never changed his color or complexion.
Moral: What’s bred in the bone will stick to the flesh”

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