Sunday, January 22, 2012

William Tell button (another version

William Tell holds an arrow up to the governor Gessler, while his son carries the apple which his father has pierced with an arrow whilst balanced on his son’s head.
below is updated information from the new edition of the Big Book of Buttons
Huguenin buttons were imported from Switzerland by an American button dealer in the 1960’s. Huguenin was probably not the artist or modeler, but the company that made the buttons. The buttons were said to have been made from old dies.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

William Tell Button

This is a extra large “French White” button, It was made in the 40’s-50’s in France.
Huguenins was an extremely large family which originated in Switzerland. Several of them were medalists. They emigrated to Australia, New South Wales, France and the U.S. This button depicts William Tell who shot a apple from his son's head. If you look closely you will see the name Huguenin on the bottom right of the button.
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The above information is from The National Button Bulletin Oct. 1999

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Artid pictorial buttons

Artid buttons were made in England in the 1940’s. They are amino plastic and were made in many different designs in 3 sizes. The painted colors were mainly black, red, green, wine and light navy. Each button has the backmark “Artid Made in England”. The card shown here is from my private collection..note the last row which are different and not as plentiful as the amino plastic.
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