Monday, September 12, 2011

Andrew Jackson and patch button?

The Hermitage is 12 miles from Nashville, Tn. and was Andrew Jacksons home.
I had the pleasure of visiting the Hermitage in the 90's..I walked around the grounds and house in awe knowing I was walking on places he had walked..he and his wife Rachel had a love-match that never dimmed and her sudden death left him mourning his lost for the rest of his life. Rachel had a garden and they are both buried in the corner of this garden.
What does this have to do with the button I am showing?..the button came in a collection I bought from a women that lived a short distance from the is a brass sporting button, she had it labeled "Andrew Jackson and his horse Patch" so I am wondering if she did indeed know this button or not?
Does anyone else have this button?


  1. Interesting. Good luck on the search.

  2. No but I do love your buttons. Hope someone comes along and is able to help you.

  3. My mom's family is from Nashville, and growing up the story of Rachel Donaldson and her family was a favorite of mine. I recently read a book on how Regency aristocrats would have custom buttons designed for themselves and their livery. I am glad to have found your site, and I will definitely be back to see how the search turns out:-)

  4. thank you for the replies, Peg