Saturday, November 20, 2010 the MOON button

The button and this article are in the National Button Society bulletin May 1946.
The story of transportation may be said to be the story of civilization. In these modern times the world has become criss-crossed with railroads and steamship lines and motor highways and air routes and man has begun to understand how transportation has enriched human life. Without these facilities as we know them today, there could be little progress.
England had the satisfaction of opening the first railroad over which passengers and freight were carried by a locomotive. The U.S. was not far behind, experimenting in several parts of the country between 1827 and 1838. France developed its system in 1842; Belgium and the Netherlands followed but Germany, Austria and Russia were somewhat behind the Western nations in their railroad development.
The moon in all of its phases, together with the "Man in the Moon" has always been a popular theme in verse, song, story and picture. And it seems that the designers for our buttons must have found it appealing also since the subject was used either alone or in combination with scenic views or other celestial bodies.
This button picturing a locomotive and passenger cars entering the secondary planet, the MOON, with a mere glimpse of EARTH some 237,000 miles away is one piece brass, antique.

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